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Move Your Upright Piano With the Help of Professional Piano
9 months ago

Considering the fact that pianos tend to wait anywhere from 300 pounds to over 1,100 (or even more!) pounds, definitely recommend hiring a skilled professional moving company with piano moving expertise to perform the work. Often, a piano is also the most expensive and valuable item within a person's home. Moving it yourself is not only difficult and tiring but it also poses several dangers to the item itself. The best way to keep your piano safe and sound while safely ensconced inside your new moving environment is by hiring movers to move it for you. Go to www.musclemanmoving.com for more.


There are actually several types of moving jobs that involve moving pianos. For example, many people move their grand pianos between state, city, or across the country. Some people will even ship their grand pianos all across the country. However, many people choose to move their pianos simply because they simply don't have the space or desire the expense of moving them a long distance. Regardless of your personal motives, moving your piano is an important undertaking which should be considered carefully before rushing in to complete the job.


Piano moving companies can help with this task by working in conjunction with your local movers to save both time and money in the long run. International moving experts often offer to pack, transport, and unpack your household goods for you - a service which can save you both time and money. A professional piano moving company will use state of the art moving equipment which is both durable and long-lasting. This equipment features padded moving casters which enable the movers to easily move the piano up or down stairs without fear of damaging the piece. In addition, specialized gear helps to protect the internal mechanisms which make a piano vibrate, such as the hammers, moving rods, and others.


Whether moving your piano to a local location or overseas, professional movers will have the experience and expertise necessary to move your grand to and from its destination. In some cases, moving a piano involves taking the instrument on a temporary storage unit while undergoing repairs. This allows you to avoid long distance fees for moving and storing your instrument. Professional movers are also experienced at removing Grand pianos which have been damaged by weather, improper handling, or vandalism.


One of the main benefits of moving your grand pianos using professional piano movers is that it takes less time than if you attempt to do the move on your own. Many piano moving companies are able to provide free estimates via email. You can then evaluate each estimate with respect to your current moving plans. In some cases, the price for moving your upright piano will include services such as having the moving straps tightened, having the lid properly closed, and/or having the tail grooves resurfaced. In other instances, additional charges may be assessed.


Another service offered by a relocation company is to prepare and unpack your belongings for shipping. In most cases, movers will pack all your items in a crate that contains enough packing material for the full sized instrument to fit into. In some cases, the movers will only prepare and pack the legs and cymbals. The upright pianos will not be included in this service. Professional mover companies are able to arrange for the delivery of your instrument to your new home, or to your new place of work, most times within one business day. n Go to www.musclemanmoving.com for more.


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