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Piano Moving Cost
9 months ago

If you have decided to buy a piano, you must be prepared to move it to your new home. Moving a piano can be very exciting but there are some things that you must know before you begin. Local movers in your area will be happy to give you information about moving the piano. Here are some things to consider before your piano is moved. Click to view for more here.


How heavy is the piano? Domestic moving prices range from fifty to 800 pounds for an upright and more than two thousand pounds for a long-distance move. Costs depend on the size of the piano, type of moving truck, transportation terms, and how far the piano will be moved. A large upright may weigh well over one thousand pounds. Long-distance moves involving an upright may require two people to properly move the instrument and most move trailers are large enough to accommodate upright pianos.


Find out what flat rate is charged when you call movers. Most professional movers quote a flat rate based on the type of move and where it is being moved. Other moving equipment charges may apply. Contacting movers to find out flat rate charges will save you time and money.


Find out how long the average cost of piano moving equipment will be. Movements involving pianos can be complex. Professional movers can quote a figure for one move, but average costs will include many steps and take longer. It is best to contact a local piano moving company to get the average cost for all your piano moving needs.


Find out if the piano movers use the utmost care and craftsmanship. Reputable piano moving companies strive to provide customers with an experience that is satisfying and enjoyable. Experienced movers will also ensure all equipment is moved in accordance with local laws.


Moving pianos is a big responsibility, but it can be made easy if you have selected the right moving company. If you need information about finding the right company for your needs, contact a local piano mover. They will be able to provide you with valuable information about moving a piano safely and efficiently. You should be confident that your piano will be moved in an easy, efficient, and timely manner only after you discuss the details with your chosen piano mover.


Most upright piano movers are insured, bonded and licensed. Insurance will cover the mover against any damage or loss to your instrument. Bonding ensures that the mover is not responsible if the instrument is damaged during transportation and is being moved between locations. Licensing ensures mover employees have knowledge and experience regarding the moving of both grand pianos and upright pianos. It is important to verify these documents before you hire movers.


Your trusted piano mover will provide you with a complete breakdown of moving costs. Make sure all equipment is insured and bonded. They should explain all charges to you before the move begins. Ask questions about any additional charges such as packing and insurance. Make sure the answers you receive are clear and detailed. It is very important to understand how much piano moving costs, so you know exactly what to expect, and you are comfortable with the final price. Click here for more.


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