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Piano Moving Safety Tips
10 months ago

Piano moving is a technical and complex task to undertake. The entire process of moving a piano requires a lot of physical effort. All acoustic pianos are constructed from several different kinds of wood, a knowledge of these woods and also how to handle them during the move is necessary. It would be wrong to think that piano moving is an easy task that anyone can tackle without specialized knowledge and experience. It is a complex process that needs to be undertaken with complete attention, precision and competence.


The first stage in piano moving involves removal of the old piano board. This should generally be done with care and great care, as there are extremely sharp edges on the surface. You will need to use a sharp object such as a carving knife or a hammer to remove the old piano board safely. Remove all the nails and screws securing the piano in its place. Do not forget to check with the manufacturer of the instrument whether there are any special procedures required in order to keep the instrument in proper condition during this process.


After removing the old piano board the movers will have to make the transition to lift and move the upper part of the piano. The piano movers will have to make use of special piano lifting equipments known as the "gyro-stheres" to lift the instrument. The weight of the instrument can sometimes prove problematic so special trucks are used for moving pianos with the help of crane trucks.


Piano movers also use special trucks known as the "pianockers" to move large and heavy pianos. These special trucks are again used for moving pianos with a great care and precision. This stage of piano moving involves careful handling and preparation. Prepare yourself by wearing a protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves. It would be better if you have someone with you who knows more about these activities to help you out during this period of piano moving.


Once you are done with preparing, it is time for you to actually get the piano moved from one location to another. You need to find a professional piano movers who can do this job perfectly. Make sure that they have a license and that their vehicles are properly insured. The cost of moving a piano depends on different factors such as the distance the instrument needs to go, how it needs to be moved and the material it is made up of. Professional movers will generally quote you a certain amount for their services. Compare various movers and find out who can provide you with the best service at a price that you can easily afford.


As a general rule, pianos are considered expensive when they are more than twenty-five years of age. They are also more expensive when they are made of mahogany or ebony. Most European Union countries and many American states have certain regulations that regulate the moving of pianos. As long as you follow these rules, there is nothing to worry about. Your musical instrument will be safe and sound once it is transported. Go to https://www.musclemanmoving.com/piano-moving/ for more.


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